Slaughtersbury Parish Council’s summer fête is approaching, and all is not well in the village. Tension has well and truly brewed between the four main families, and there’s not an ounce in virtue to be found… even at the weekly Farmers’ Market.

First choose from one of ten Vices that influence how you play the game

Then create your unique character and game with minimal effort thanks to our technical wizardry.

Achieve your aims and you’ll score points, with bonuses or penalties depending on your Vice. Will your Envy, Malice, or Greed get the better of you? Perhaps your Sycophancy or Disloyalty will get you where you need to be?

Most of all, though… will you survive? Let the games begin.

WHEN Coming soon!

WHERE At a location of your choice

HOW MUCH From £7.50 per player

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