We studied the same acting course at RADA, did a couple of plays, made a murder mystery, COVID hit, so we created an online game based on reality TV, got asked to make a quiz, got asked to do some more, moved into events more widely, and here we are!

Check out our bios here. Now for the longer version…


Dean and Christopher met in Estonia on a theatre residential, having studied the same course at RADA two years apart.

Both from the West Country (though Dean would disagree that Swindon gets to be said in the same breath as his beautiful Exeter), they’ve since worked together on a number of productions including Iphegenia in Aulis (Cockpit 2019) and White Noise (Vault Festival 2019), for which we got a great ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ review.

Here’s a little snippet… “White Noise is a searingly funny, assassination of the ‘modern condition’ and contemporary communication… Christopher Adams gives a stand out performance as the architect of chaos, charming and chaotic in equal measure.”


Dean’s all-round trivia mastery and Christopher’s as-yet-unknown Excel expertise were untested by this point, but a NYE murder mystery in 2019 prompted a conversation over a pint about how to make these sort of social games better. 

They’re a great opportunity for people to express themselves and create their own entertainment, but, so often, they’re underwhelming.

We decided we’d make our own to integrate the best part of acting (the connection, creativity and fun), and leaving behind the bad parts (did we mention only 2% of actors are employed?)

Launching into it with verve, we had a test of our first social role-playing game, The Art of Murder, in January 2021, followed by a pre-launch test just before you-know-what hit. Telling the story of the contemporary art scene gone wrong, we tested our concept with 22 friends. Check out some of the photos below, taken in a very ramshackle rehearsal room in Covent Garden, London.


About a week after we did our pre-launch test, the first lockdown hit and it was back to the West Country. We wanted to apply what we had developed to online work, and came up with the idea of a game played over Zoom based on reality TV. Suiting everyone being on camera, the larger-than-life characters we created have secret objectives to fulfil in their aim to win the show.

THIS IS REALITY 2000 went through many (many) rounds of development, and pushed us into really engaging with tech and iterating based on feedback. You can play the game with 4-12 friends and join the hundreds of people who have experienced their own reality TV adventure. Will you join the Hall of Fame?


Based on our work, we were invited by Brixton Jamm to create a Y2K Extravanganza as a nostalgia trip back to the Year 2000. It was an opportunity to rethink what quizzes could be and has laid the foundation for our live work. We knew it had to be an experience, rather than just a themed quiz.

That generated the base of some our unique quiz rounds: our AudioVisual mashup (take the video from one song and the audio from another), the Blind Taste Test (retro sweets galore), Who Said That? (guess the speaker from just the audio).

Not to forget our interactive rounds including Snake on real Nokia 3310s, Blind-Folded Date featuring your very own Cilla (a great way of meeting people), and Stars in Your Eyes to transform into your favourite singer from the year 2000.

From visual theming, prizes and costume, to playlist and even what pens we provide, we think everything through to create an immersive experience.


Since then, we’ve worked with individuals, groups, and businesses to provide the best interactive social experiences, from awards ceremonies and end-of-year parties, to fundraising quizzes and corporate galas.

We’re a full-service events company, and are able to offer you a unique experience, coming in right at the start of the process and delivering a stunning event, or just presenting your event for that professional, engaging touch.

We’re a friendly duo, and we love a chat. It would be great to talk about what we could create together!